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Mad Max Guide: Beginner Tips and Tricks


Mad Max Guide: Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Get a Feel for the Controls

Mad Max is out and it’s every bit as awesome as you would’ve hoped. Traversing the wasteland with only Chumbucket as your companion, bashing in skulls and driving the Magnum Opus around like the badass that you are. But, the game can be pretty difficult at times so you need to be prepared.

One of the biggest elements of the game that can (and most likely will) get in your way is the control scheme. Mad Max has some weird controls that can be pretty odd if you’re coming off of another action game. For instance, running is done with the “Right Trigger” while jumping is done with the “Left Trigger.” Want to aim? Then the “Left Bumper” is your friend. Shooting will require “Circle” on the PlayStation or “B” on the Xbox.

Your instincts will most likely tell you to do other things, but you’ll be fine with a bit of practice. Just take a few minutes to practice on some War Pups.

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