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Listen to Jonathan Coulton’s New Portal Song for LEGO Dimensions Now


Listen to Jonathan Coulton’s New Portal Song for LEGO Dimensions Now

He’s making music and he’s still alive.

In 2007 the gaming world was blown away by Portal‘s end-credits song, “Still Alive”. Then in 2011 GLaDOS went back to the recording studio for Portal 2‘s “Want You Gone”. Another four years later, in 2015, Jonathan Coulton has written and recorded a third song for the mechanical menace, though interestingly enough NOT for Portal 3.

The next best thing, LEGO Dimensions, is launching next week and features a Portal world where Batman, WyldStyle, and Gandalf will interact with Chell and GLaDOS both as they work their way through the puzzles of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in blocky LEGO fashion.

Coulton revealed his new song, titled “You Wouldn’t Know,” earlier today on his blog and also through an interview with Mashable. The song is currently available to purchase for one measly dollar on Coulton’s website, but he’s also made it available for free streaming so you can listen before you buy. Give it a listen.

“You Wouldn’t Know” has GLaDOS in a mildly happier place than her finales in the two Portal games, which is apparently a result of how much she seems to enjoy her time spent with Batman and crew. The trio you primarily control in LEGO Dimensions are all quite different from her nemesis Chell, and she actually gets some pleasure out of their company.

You can play LEGO Dimensions and experience LEGO Portal for yourself when the game launches on Sept. 27 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U.

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