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Let’s Rank The Best New Destiny: TTK Subclasses


Let’s Rank The Best New Destiny: TTK Subclasses

The Taken King brought three new subclasses but which one is the best?

3: Stormcaller

All three of Destiny: The Taken King’s new subclasses each have a role that they fill better than any other class. Stormcaller’s best characteristic is without a doubt its pure damage. What’s particularly great about Stormcaller’s Stormtrance super is that not only is it amazing at taking out large groups of enemies like the Striker’s Fist of Havoc or the Bladedancer’s Arc Blade, but it also has great single target damage output as well.

If Stormcaller is so great, then why is it last on our list of the best new Destiny: TTK subclasses? For starters, it faces tough competition from the other two new subclasses. While it excels in pure damage, perhaps better than ANY subclass in Destiny: TTK, it lacks some of the utility that the other two classes have. The other two classes also excel in their niche just as well as Stormcaller, but can fill other roles as well. Stormcaller is a glass cannon that relies heavily on other classes to preform its destruction safely and efficiently.

Let’s be perfectly clear though, with the right support around it, Stormcaller is perhaps the most powerful damaging dealing subclass in all of Destiny. Amplitude gives even more range to an already deadly melee. Its Storm Grenade, when used properly, can rip through targets. And Stormtrance, when paired with abilities like its own modifier Superconductor and the Nightstalker’s Shadowshot, is unrivaled when it comes to destruction.

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