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Konami Assures Metal Gear Brand Will Continue, “People Should Believe in Konami”


Konami Assures Metal Gear Brand Will Continue, “People Should Believe in Konami”

“People should believe in Konami.”

Konami’s UK Community Manager Graham Day says Konami is still dedicated to console development, despite reports that the company is halting AAA console development save for the PES series. He also notes that the Metal Gear series, and Konami as a whole, has a definite future.

“The Metal Gear brand will continue,” Day told Game On Daily. When asked whether the franchise could succeed without Kojima at the helm, he said “yeah, of course it can… it’s about the stories, it’s about the characters.” Day then brought up Metal Gear Rising, an example of a separate team taking the title in a new direction with positive results.

In response to statements that “Konami as a whole is weaning away from console gaming and focusing on the mobile market,” Day said that Konami is still committed to console gaming and “that’s never changed.”

“Just because mobile gaming is being embraced doesn’t mean everything else has to quit,” he shared. “Konami has a history of making the best games around and… and that is something that will continue. That won’t change anything going forward… People should believe in Konami.”

Day wrapped with a slogan from this year’s PES, “Love the Past, Play the Future,” noting that for Konami, the future isn’t ending now; the future has a long, long way.

The hopeful clarification follows Konami’s recent string of unassuming news, particularly the departure of the company’s technology director and news that Konami will be focusing on mobile gaming as its “main platform.”

Let us know if you’ll be believing in Konami, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories.

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