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Is This the Hardest Super Mario Maker Level Yet?


Is This the Hardest Super Mario Maker Level Yet?

Panga is at it again.

Super Mario master PangaeaPanga says he’s created the most challenging, mind-numbing, patience obliterating Super Mario Maker level ever. After watching his playthrough below, it’s a tough claim to doubt.

Dubbed “P-Break,” the level features a number of high skill techniques including shell juggling, precision jumping, and heartless Yoshi sacrificing. Panga says the course took 5 hours to make and 9 hours to beat, guaranteeing it’s the hardest Super Mario Maker level to date.

Panga is a Super Mario World TASer (Tool-Assisted Speedrunner) known for blindfolded Super Mario World runs and his famous Item Abuse series, a set of nearly impossible Super Mario levels created and defeated by Panga himself. Though his infamous Item Abuse 3 run was removed due to Nintendo copyright claims, you can watch shadowdragon121TASer beat the course in the video below.

A few days ago, Super Mario Maker reached over 1 million uploaded levels, celebrating the huge milestone in just under a week.

And if high pressure Panga levels aren’t your cup of tea, check out some of Super Mario Maker‘s fun easter eggs, like playing any level with retro CRT graphics and changing your cursor into a cat paw.

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