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Hunt 2.0 Has Evolved Evolve’s Matchmaking and Ranking Mechanic


Hunt 2.0 Has Evolved Evolve’s Matchmaking and Ranking Mechanic

Evolves monsters aren’t the only things that can change.

Much like the monsters in Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios has evolved the game’s matchmaking and ranking mechanics with a patch which they’ve called Hunt 2.0.

In a video released on YouTube earlier today, they revealed that Hunt 2.0 will require all gamers to play 10 trial games as either the monster or the hunters to test out their skills. After completing these games, players will then be put into one of 15 skill levels with hunters of similar skill, no matter what their progression is. These 15 skill levels are in turn split into 3 groups called Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Players can climb to the top of their division and move into higher groups by winning matches, but players who lose matches will “suffer the consequences.” The trailer also revealed that there will be strict consequences for players to quit matches and that there will be a new queue system for monsters. Also, players will no longer be dropped into matches that have already started.

The patch notes on the Evolve website also revealed various hotfixes including slowing down Slim’s healing burst, fixing ammo consumption when players are changing weapons and they’ve added additional security measures for the PC version. Here are the full hotfix notes from the Evolve website:


  • PS4
    • Hunt 2.0 matchmakes based off Glicko score instead of your rank.
    • Hunt 2.0 – Fixed to UI not correctly displaying the highest ranked opponent that has been beaten


  • Fixes for various memory leaks
  • Additional security measures for PC
  • Balance text changes – changes to Ability text based on balance change


Hunters (all)

  • Fix for ammo consumption while rapidly switching weapons


  • Slim’s healing burst should no longer gain energy too quickly


  • Laz will now get interrupted by Kraken air attacks when he tries to res while having a shield on.


  • Sunny’s shield drone will no longer push her out of the dome or map.


  • Fix to prevent Bucket from stacking sentry guns



  • Wraith Teleport Fix:
    • Wraith should not target hunters when warping near them and pointing the targeting reticule somewhere away from them.


  • Lava Bomb
    • Droplets do not cause knockback.


  • Kraken would always be recharging stamina regardless of what they delay had been set to.

Back in March, Turtle Rock Studios added four new hunters and a new monster called the Behemoth to Evolve.

So what do you think of Evolve Hunt 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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