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How Amazing Is Rocket League with Real Announcers? This Amazing


How Amazing Is Rocket League with Real Announcers? This Amazing

Yes… yes.

Rocket League had it all. A rabid fanbase, addictive design, gameplay that no mortal past, present, or future could ever master. And then, thumbstickathletes created this video of Rocket League filled with screaming, gasping sports announcers.

Dubbed with announcers of various accents and undeniable excitement, Rocket League ascended from addicting car soccer to official sport of legends. Just listen to them describing brilliant moves most of us only dream of accidentally accomplishing. Be honest with yourself, have you ever made “a goal that will wake up a catatonic”?

“We’ve just been bedazzled… he’s off running… he’s got a lobster down his shorts… and then takes the gravity of the moon and the planets into consideration, and then chips this one gloriously,” one announcer shouts, spinning a seamless tale of space and crustaceans.

The shoutcasting definitely ups the immersion, but as for real-life Rocket League, we discovered German Autoball is the closest we’re going to get for now.

If you’re feeling extra emboldened by all the excitement, try your hand at the Official, Failure-Approved Rocket League Drinking Game. Boost responsibly.

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