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Horror Artist Junji Ito was Involved with Silent Hills


Horror Artist Junji Ito was Involved with Silent Hills

I didn’t plan on sleeping tonight anyways.

The critically acclaimed writer and director turned game director for the cancelled horror game Silent Hills, Guillermo del Toro, reminded his fans on Twitter of what could have been, had the game not been cancelled. By posting a collage of concept art by Junji Ito, a renowned horror artist in Japan, he gave fans another reason to speculate and wonder about the ever so promising project. If you want to have trouble falling asleep tonight, take a look at his post. We know, its terrifying, and it’s awesome.

With no signs that development has been picked up by either Kojima or del Toro, and while being taunted with haunting concept art that could fuel petrifying nightmares, we come no closer to what could possibly have been another Hideo Kojima masterpiece.

The game would have starred Norman Reedus, known especially for his work in The Walking Dead, most likely visiting the twisted small town of Silent Hill. Konami even released a demo, only titled P.T, short for playable trailer, and suffice to say, everyone and their grandma loved it.

A scene from the playable trailer, P.T.

A scene from the playable trailer, P.T.

However, just as hype reached its peak, Konami terminated the project due to Hideo Kojima parting with the company. Norman Reedus’ contract expired, the playable trailer was removed, and here we are, still not scared.

In spite of this major bummer, del Toro confirmed, when asked if he still kept in contact with Kojima, that they in fact do. For all we know though, this could just mean scary movie sleepovers, but who say we aren’t allowed to dream? Well, Junji Ito kind of made sure that they would be nightmares, but you get the point.

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