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Aloy is Still a Badass in the TGS Live Demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn


Aloy is Still a Badass in the TGS Live Demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Get another taste of the robotic T-Rex with rocket launchers.

Free from the scripted affair of E3, Guerilla Games showed off a live demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The Nico Nico livestream and Youtube user Giuseppe Nelva captured the demo presentation last night.

While the Tokyo Game Show demo mirrored the E3 reveal presentation, main character Aloy appeared much more susceptible to harm compared to the staged E3 demo. The “T-Rex with rocket launchers” Thunderjaw trampled Aloy a couple of times, and the presenter playing the Horizon: Zero Dawn lets you know they’re human by missing a few arrow shots.

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The demo presenters spoke over the demo to note about various details of the game. First off, the motivation set up for Aloy here is tracking a certain wildlife type for a local tribe in need of their precious resources. Before then, Aloy oversees the expansive world she inhabits. The presenter points out the environment in Horizon: Zero Dawn awaits your arrival: “Everything you could see; you can explore.” In addition, being the lone wolf among packs of robotic horror means “Stealth is incredibly important” as the thick grass provides ample cover for defense and offense.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases in 2016 on the PlayStation 4.

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