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Here’s How to Fix the Mad Max PS4 Touchpad Glitch


Here’s How to Fix the Mad Max PS4 Touchpad Glitch

Don’t fret, it’s a simple fix.

Mad Mad is finally available to the masses of fans that have been crying out for a proper video game experience. It’s a good thing that it happens to be a pretty great game, because it’s been a long time coming. Unfortunately, no game is perfect and even this impressive experience has its issues.

On the PlayStation 4, the touchpad is used for activating the map, but there is a rare glitch that makes the touchpad unresponsive. Uninstalling the game won’t fix it and neither will switching controllers. Luckily, the fix for the issue is right in the gameplay, although panic usually keeps people from attempting anything.

If you happen to turn on Mad Max and notice that the touchpad isn’t working, you have two options that will fix it. One is to complete an objective, any objective. For some reason, this frees up the touchpad and your copy of Mad Max will return to working normally again. The alternative is to find and pick up some Scrap. You can do so by destroying an enemy vehicle or stumbling across a scavenge location.

Either of these two actions will get your game back into working order.

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