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Gravity Rush 2 Gets New Details on Story and Characters


Gravity Rush 2 Gets New Details on Story and Characters

New details on characters and story revealed.

With the opening day of the official Japanese website for Gravity Rush 2 having arrived, Sony has revealed more information on both the story and characters of the game.

Details were provided on Kat, the amnesic gravity princess, who alongside her shifter partner and former rival, Raven and officer Syd, initiate an investigation concerning a mysterious gravity wave disturbance in the airborne city of Hekseville. Due to a gravity storm taking three by surprise and engulfing them in a gravitational whirlpool, Kat lands in Banga City, an alternate dimension.

Stripped of her powers with Dusty nowhere to be found, she spends each day working in the ruins mining for gravity ores. One day however, she and Syd stumble upon a new type of Nevi, a so called ‘black insect’, and with this huge cliffhanger, the details come to a close.

Kat seems to be enjoying the weather.

Kat seems to be enjoying the weather.

Together with the beguiling plot details, the site also presents a handful of screenshots of Kat tearing up a white monster, unlike the normal black and red Nevi, and of the new dimension of gravitational action lifting whole buildings.

Gravity Rush 2 is to release in Japan, Europe and North America in 2016, and was revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show along with the announcement of the original Gravity Rush being remastered for the Playstation 4. If you missed both trailers, check them out below.

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