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Grand Theft Auto V: Solving The Chiliad Mystery


Grand Theft Auto V: Solving The Chiliad Mystery

We take a deeper look at the Chiliad Mystery in GTA V!

Grand Theft Auto entered our world in 1997 as a driving-based game that boldly went where no one else had gone before. It allowed players to engage in taboo acts such as murder, theft, and violence and actually rewarded such acts by giving the player points for each one successfully performed. Despite the criminal storylines and gang-based missions, the game was a huge success and became a bestseller around the world.

The series became a huge trendsetter and in more ways than one. It was very quickly known for its soundtrack, which included a lot of real hit songs that you would be able to listen to when driving or entering a vehicle in-game. As the series developed, album compilations were available to buy in high-street record stores, therefore breaking into the music industry as well as the gaming industry. But these weren’t the only things that BMG Interactive (later Rockstar) became famous for.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been well-known for its secrets. Its ‘easter eggs.’ Players would be rewarded for finding something within the game’s open world – not a mission – or by solving a riddle within the storyline. Sometimes, these riddles didn’t even give a physical ‘prize’ to the player, but simply gave them satisfaction over finding something that other players hadn’t seen. The latest installation of the series however, Grand Theft Auto V, has posed a potential easter egg that has baffled the gaming community. It’s called ‘The Chiliad Mystery.’

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