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Grand Ages: Medieval Gets Delayed on the PS4


Grand Ages: Medieval Gets Delayed on the PS4

The war for Europe’s been delayed.

PS4 owners looking forward to playing Kalypso Media’s upcoming Grand Ages: Medieval will be disappointed to hear that Kalypso Media has pushed the PS4 version’s release date back to Oct 9 in Europe and Oct 13 in North America.

According to Kalypso Media, the reason for the delay is because of “manufacturing issues beyond its control.”

Along with apologizing, Kalypso Media also revealed that the Limited Special Edition version of Grand Ages: Medieval and the digital version of the PC game won’t be delayed, meaning that they’re getting released on Sept 25.


Grand Ages: Medieval starts off with players taking control of a small European settlement and from there they’ll have to increase their power and wealth by means of war, trade, political intrigue and more before turning their attentions to over 20km of European territory. The game will also include an 8 player multiplayer, which will allow players to set commands for when they step away from the game.

So what do you think of the news that the PS4 version of Grand Ages: Medieval has been delayed? Let us know in the comments below.

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