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Get a Plush of Your Favorite Pokemon Butt


Get a Plush of Your Favorite Pokemon Butt

Pikachu used Full Moon, it’s super effective!

Pokemon has been an extremely successful franchise for about 20 years, and there’s Pokemon merchandise for just about everything you can think of.

But the Pokemon marketing machine is never out of ideas. Their latest creation is the HIP Pop! Parade, featuring plush dolls, keychains and underwear of Pokemon butts. Yes, this entire line of stuff is focused on Pokemon posteriors.

There’s the obvious inclusion of plush dolls, in case you want a soft, huggable Pokemon butt.

There’s also butt magnets, keychains, and duct tape. Those are relatively normal, as far as butt-themed monster merchandise goes. But there are also some stranger items.

The Swablu and Pikachu butt mugs are a cheap 1,300 yen ($10.80) if you want your office mates to know how much you like Pokemon butts. Swablu seems to be straining to release its trapped tush from the mug, which toes the line between “cute” and “extremely bizarre”.

And finally, the highlight of the collection are the Pikachu boxer shorts for 1,500 yen ($12.50). Really, it’s a small price to pay to finally have your own Pikachu tail. Usually that takes a complicated papier-mâché project.

All of these items are coming to Japan on Oct. 10, but it’s very likely that they’ll show up on the Pokemon Center merchandise website as well. Some might call the HIP Pop Parade the bottom of the barrel for Pokemon merch. But if you’re the only one without Pikachu underwear this year, be prepared to be the butt of many jokes.

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