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GameStop’s First Physical ThinkGeek Store Arrives Later This Month


GameStop’s First Physical ThinkGeek Store Arrives Later This Month

Clothes for geeks, what’s not to love?

Back in July, everyone’s “favorite” retailer GameStop purchased online retailer ThinkGeek. Now, ThinkGeek’s first ever brick and mortar store will be arriving for the masses to flock to later this month. Florida will get first dibs on their retail store come September 25. ThinkGeek’s president Katy McCarthy was proud to announce it today:

“The opening of our first brick and mortar store is a significant milestone for the brand and a great example of how the GameStop acquisition is a win for our customers…While people know us today as an online retailer, the GameStop connection will bring vastly more visibility to the brand and our ever expanding selection of exclusive products.”

Where ThinkGeek will be hitting in the US next is still unknown, but the announcement of other states can’t be far behind. Once other stores and locations have been announced, we’ll let you know. How do you feel about ThinkGeek having a physical store? Let us know in the comments below.

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