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Fallout 4’s Perks Explained (We Have No Idea)


Fallout 4’s Perks Explained (We Have No Idea)

“With this perk…”

Fallout 4’s perk list was revealed in a poster, preorder bonus recently. Naturally, it’s up to the Level Update girls to inform you all on this breaking news. Don’t worry if you’ve never played a Fallout game before and have no idea what each of those perks are, Yami and Sharon have you covered. With their extensive, professional research, they’ve gotten to the bottom of what each (almost) perk is. For real. Seriously.

Wow, wasn’t that informative and not at all made up as they went along at 2:00 AM one random Sunday? No jokes, everyone, this isn’t a comedy video. For more super serious and professional videos, subscribe on YouTube!

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