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Check out Fallout 4’s Full Perk Tree Featuring All 70 Perks

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Check out Fallout 4’s Full Perk Tree Featuring All 70 Perks

Fallout 4‘s full perk tree made its official debut today, showcasing all 70 base perks in a huge customization chart.

Each perk is pictured as a normal day-to-day activity going on around the vault, such as being a leprechaun or taking a stroll with a giant, humanoid rabbit. Just your average vault life.

Players will have access to perk levels up to the rank of the corresponding SPECIAL. “What’s important is that each of these Perks is actually a mini Perk tree, with multiple ranks that also do new things,” Bethesda shared in a blog post. “Gun Fu above allows even more damage the more targets you select, increasing to instant Critical Shots. Gunslinger has ranks that up the range of pistols, add a chance to disarm enemies, and even instant limb crippling shots.”

Fallout 4 Perk Tree poster

The post also admits that “the chart can be a little intimidating because you have so many options,” but assures it will be an “elegant” and rewarding way to develop your character.

If you think the tree would make a great poster, Bethesda agrees! That’s why they’reincluding a poster version of the tree in every physical pre-order of Fallout 4. No word yet as to whether digital orders will have access to a poster bonus as well.

Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard recently spoke of the new perk system, saying the “cool and fun leveling system” will allow for lots of interesting customization.

Last week, we got a behind the scenes look at the German Shepherd playing Dogmeat, and what went into capturing the companion’s life-like movements for the game.

Fallout 4 hits shelves Nov 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be grabbing a copy.

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