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Everyone’s Playing MGSV: TPP and Hideo Kojima Is Watching Mad Max


Everyone’s Playing MGSV: TPP and Hideo Kojima Is Watching Mad Max

For the 9th time.

On the first day of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release, Hideo Kojima was getting excited about the sales of the game, as one might expect a man in his position to do.

However, by day 2, Hideo Kojima was feeling more relaxed. MGSV: TPP had made its way into the world and being distributed into the market. A all was good. Now that it was finally available to the public, one possibility of how Hideo Kojima might have spent day 2 was to play the game at the same time players were just to experience it all again with the fans.

However, that wasn’t the case. To the contrary, Hideo Kojima actually revealed that he preferred not to be playing his game at all right now. In fact, doing so would actually end up bothering him. He can watch someone play but he doesn’t want to do so himself. Why?

He’s such an awesome guy and video game perfectionist that he knows he wouldn’t be able to play the game without wanting to make changes and improvements to it. Apparently, he’s done enough of that during the development process and playing the game now would be a much different and less enjoyable experience for Hideo Kojima than it would for most people.

That’s understandable.Plus, he’s okay with watching other people play. He just doesn’t want to submerge himself into the game’s world right now. But if he’s not going to be playing MGSV: TPP then what else has Hideo Kojima been spending his time doing? Believe it or not, while seemingly the entire world is playing MGSV: TPP, Hideo Kojima is out celebrating his success by rewarding himself with a 9th viewing of Mad Max Fury Road.

What’s kind of funny about this is that while Hideo Kojima himself is throwing some attention to Mad Max Fury Road, MGSV: TPP released on the same day as Mad Max the video game which means the two titles are competing for players’ attention and play time. But of course, true fans will find a way to make time for both their passions as Hideo Kojima does.

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