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Even Sonic Wants to be Like Big Boss With Metal Gear Sonic


Even Sonic Wants to be Like Big Boss With Metal Gear Sonic

The next Metal Gear game is……….Sonic? Sonic? Soniiiiiiiiiic!

Metal Gear Sonic

The reach of Metal Gear Solid V can’t be stopped, it’s everywhere. As we’ve seen today even other icons in gaming are paying tribute to the new title.

Today over on the series’ official Facebook page, Sonic the Hedgehog posted the above photo as a parody. Clearly someone at Sega gets how to do social media. Especially good, is the Doctor Eggman Creation bit at the top.

It’s interesting to imagine how this game might play out, Metal Sonic fultoning a bunch of Chaos to his Mother Chao Garden. Some ridiculous Les Enfants Terribles plotline with Sonic and Shadow being clones of Metal Sonic, and of course nuclear war. This all fits right?

The community seems to enjoy Sonic’s Facebook page overall, as users  took well to the joke. Comments and memes were abound, but my favorite response came from a user named Sean that posted a photo.

Jon Tron

My thoughts exactly Sean, my thoughts exactly.

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