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EGX 2015: Need for Speed Offers an Impressive Amount of Customization Options


EGX 2015: Need for Speed Offers an Impressive Amount of Customization Options

Need for Speed gets a tune-up.

Need for Speed is going to be racing onto PC and consoles in just a few months and just as we mentioned back in our E3 2015 hands-on preview, one thing remained perfectly clear: EA is all about bringing the franchise back to its classic roots.

While the time spent with Need for Speed at this year’s E3 focused on the game’s modes and features, the EGX demo focused on two things: customization and fun. Starting with customization, Need for Speed provides players with an impressive amount of options to tune, alter, and switch up every aspect of your car. This ranged from changing the body kit, rim colors, exhausts, spoilers, and hood scoops.

The customization didn’t just end with how pretty you could make your car look. For any true car nuts out there, Need for Speed offers a ton of different tuning options. Whether you want to alter the front and rear tire pressures and/or ride height, Need for Speed has you covered. It is obvious that EA has taken into consideration what fans have been asking for quite some time.

This variation in tuning and customization during our hands-on was limited to only two minutes, but within that time all, seven player controlled racers in the demo all managed to have completely different looking cars. Not only did they look different and show off each racer’s own unique flair, the large amount of tuning options allowed for players to completely alter the car to their own personal driving preferences.

Once we were all set with our customization options, we set off out onto the streets. When it got down to the racing side, Need for Speed put the eight players up against one another in a quick checkpoint race. The ultimate goal of the demo, however, was not to win the race, but instead to earn as many rep points within a seven minute time period. These rep points could be accumulated through a number of different ways, from sheer high-speed driving and drifting, to hurtling into oncoming traffic and city destruction. While driving around the world, it was obvious that Need for Speed looked as beautiful as all of the screenshots we’ve seen so far led us to believe.

Racing fans have already been treated to Project Cars and Forza Motorsport 6 this year, offering a true realistic track racing experience and have done so with quite some style. But Need for Speed is set to fill the gap of the arcade racer. If you’ve been looking for a new racer, Need for Speed looks extremely promising. As long as the world is as vast as the tuning options, EA might have gotten the series back on track.

Need for Speed will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2016, delayed from its initial release later this year.

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