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Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sword Coast Legends Delayed A Week on PC and Months on Consoles


Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sword Coast Legends Delayed A Week on PC and Months on Consoles

Hopefully you don’t play on consoles!

The upcoming role-playing game, Sword Coast Legends developed by Digital Extremes and N-Space, the latter having developed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, has been delayed once again.

Initially the game was set to release Sept 8, but was then postponed to Sept 29. Now, with just a week until the game was to hit stores, it has been delayed by a week on PC making the release date October 20th, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions scheduled for release in Q1 2016, according to the official website.

The two seasoned developers, clarify that the reasoning behind the delay was feedback from the community after the closed beta calling for a more polished game. Game Director Dan Tudge explained that the extra weeks before launch would bring consumers exactly that:

“The decision to delay the launch of Sword Coast Legends was not an easy one to make, but after receiving feedback from our dedicated community, it became clear that a few more weeks of polish would provide our customers with the best possible experience at launch”

Players familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons universe will feel right at home, with the game resembling the tabletop version of the popular series. It will feature single-player mode, giving players control over four characters, and co-op multiplayer modes that puts players in the role of Dungeon Master.

Despite the delay, it is still possible to pre-order the game via Steam, and thus secure the Rage of Demons DLC.

In the meantime, take a look at the latest trailer, unveiled for this year’s PAX Prime:

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