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Dragon Quest Heroes Is Getting Free On-Disc DLC for Western Release


Dragon Quest Heroes Is Getting Free On-Disc DLC for Western Release

Western gamers are getting some free DLC with Dragon Quest Heroes.

Earlier today Square Enix announced that the Western versions of Dragon Quest Heroes will include the post launch Japanese DLC on disc for free. The two DLC packs in question are called The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below and Square Enix has revealed that they include quests and bosses from Dragon Quest III up to Dragon Quest VI.


On their blog Square Enix revealed that the bonus content will include:

  • In Alene’s episode, she will be taking part in a contest for the Colissea Cup. Completing this episode will unlock her original Dragon Quest IV outfit as well as an additional outfit for Tsarevna and Kiryl. Players will also get some rare accessories.
  • Players will be able to recruit Psaro, the Manslayer from Dragon Quest IV in another episode if they can beat him. He is the only in-game character who can wield greatswords and he can change his form in his coup de grâce!
  • Another episode will see players fight the hardest battle in Dragon Quest VI Nokturnus so “Goooooood luck!”
  • Players will be able to take on Zoma, the final boss of Dragon Quest III. Beware because he comes packed with plenty of ice magic so bring some ice-resistant equipment along to this fight.
  • Players looking for spectacle will be interested to hear that they will be able to fight one of the largest bosses in the series Bjørn the Behemoose, from Dragon Quest V. This boss is so big, you’ll actually have to climb on him to do any damage, Shadow of the Colossus style.

This is just some of the content that will be free to Western players and in order to access it, you’ll have to complete the story up to a certain point as well as meet a couple of conditions. According to Square Enix “Most of them will be available to play after beating the king hydra.” After doing so you’ll be able to take on the episodes by accepting them in the mail.

So what do you think about the news that the Western version of Dragon Quest Heroes will include free DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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