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Destiny’s Moments of Triumph Are Getting An Extension


Destiny’s Moments of Triumph Are Getting An Extension

Get to grinding guardians.

As Destiny: The Taken King approaches, many players have been attempting to unlock the Destiny year one emblem by completing the Moments of Triumph. At first, it was announced that the last day players would be able to finish the Moments of Triumph would be in the final hours of September 8, when the Destiny 2.0 Weapon Tuning Patch goes into effect. 

However, Bungie has realized that there are still many guardians who have yet to complete these challenges that are still attempting to do so. In their honor. Bungie has decided to give players more time to complete the Moment of Triumph and unlock the year one emblem by extending the deadline to September 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM PDT which is just before when the Destiny: The Taken King expansion releases. From Bungie:

  • The Moments of Triumph have been extended to September 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC). You can check your progress by visiting the Moments of Triumph progress page as part of your Legend.

  • Remember that your Moments of Triumph are tied to your active character roster. With the new Quest system and 2.0 changes incoming, we understand the appeal to start a new character. However, deleting a character to do so may jeopardize your progress towards the Moments of Triumph. We recommend waiting until you’ve secured your Emblem before deleting any characters that contributed to your Moments of Triumph progress.

According to Bungie, despite the fact that some players will want to start a new character when Destiny: The Taken King releases and might want to use the level boost for this new character, players should wait to do so until the official release of Destiny: The Taken King or at least until you have acquired your year one emblem. This is important because deleting your characters before that time could “jeopardize your progress towards the Moments of Triumph.”

If you don’t yet have your year one emblem and are hoping to get it before Destiny: The Taken King releases then there’s no time to lose. Get to grinding guardian.

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