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Destiny Year One VIP Rewards Release Early and Bug Veteran’s Tour Quest


Destiny Year One VIP Rewards Release Early and Bug Veteran’s Tour Quest

You may have to delete your new VIP rewards.

Destiny players can now have access to Year One VIP rewards, including a special armor shader, sparrow, and player emblem.

Once logged in, eligible players can go to the special designated kiosks at the Tower for their hard earned loot. Once at the Tower, players must cycle to the ‘Rewards’ tab to pickup their items.

There seems to be hiccups early into grabbing these items though.

Bungie has said that players who have already collected their items cannot complete the “Veteran’s Tour” quest beyond the “Talk to Eva Lavante” step. To continue the storyline, players must discard “The Old Guard” Shader, the “S-34 Ravensteel” Sparrow, and the “Be Brave” Emblem and reacquire them through the new quest.

In order to have qualified for the Year 1 VIP rewards, Destiny players needed to fulfill at least one of these prerequisites: you had to have reached level 30 with one or more characters or have purchased the first two expansions by August 31, 2015.

Destiny: The Taken King is Bungie’s biggest content release thus far and will release on September 15.

If you’re still on the fence with The Taken King, check out 5 reasons why it’s looking to be a great expansion. Or, you can take a look at Japan’s weird yet awesome Taken King trailer.

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