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Destiny TTK: Three of Coins Receives the Nerf Hammer


Destiny TTK: Three of Coins Receives the Nerf Hammer

Time to flip a coin! Aww, another Light Beyond Nemesis.

On this week’s segment of the Bungie Weekly Update, Community Manager DeeJ detailed the changes that happened to the immensely popular Destiny: The Taken King item — Three of Coins.

Last Friday, when Xur was in the Tower he sold the item which increased the odds of an Exotic Engram dropping on the battlefield. Players would repeatedly blow themselves up at the high-ranking enemies and quickly restart the encounter for more chances at rare loot.

Now the Three of Coins item will reduce the chance of an Exotic Engram dropping when used in rapid succession. Though, when used with more time between boss kills (such as a Strike Playlist), the Three of Coins will work unchanged.

This new patch will also fix bugs found in the Destiny: The Taken King world. These new hot fixes are now live on Destiny: The Taken King servers on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Controversy hit the Destiny: Taken King community regarding how fast players were getting the Exotic Engrams. Within hours, players could be seen at the tower decked out in incredibly hard to get armor and weapons. It’s technically not an exploit but players took full advantage of the increased chances of glorious loot.

If you scored a hard to get Exotic weapon or armor, please leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you. Now only if I can get that Monte Carlo leveled up.

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