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Destiny TTK – How to Unlock and Beat Echo Chamber Strike


Destiny TTK – How to Unlock and Beat Echo Chamber Strike

Color me Vexxed.

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Unlocking the Echo Chamber Strike and Pre-fight Preparations

With Destiny: The Taken King heavily focused on the new Taken enemies, it’s nice to see Bungie throw us back to our old favorites — the Vex. This is an exclusive Strike currently designated only to PlayStation gamers, Xbox owners will have to wait until sometime next year.

One thing to note is that this Strike Mission can either be the longest Strike or the shortest, it depends on how coordinated your Fireteam is. Don’t worry, even if you’re paired with random Fireteam members, this Strike guide will help you conquer anything the Vex throw at you.

Getting started, this Strike isn’t a hassle to unlock. It will just quietly be available for all Guardians to tackle once they hit level 40. No pre-quest required unlike the other Strikes available

Let’s get started.

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