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Destiny: The Taken King’s Best New Exotic Weapons


Destiny: The Taken King’s Best New Exotic Weapons

With every new expansion Destiny receives, one of the first things that fans look to are the new exotic weapons, and nothing has changed with The Taken King. It’s no secret that vanilla Destiny held some seriously potent weaponry that none of the subsequent expansions managed to knock out of the top spots, something that The Taken King sorely needs to do.

It turns out that Bungie was well-aware of this and made sure to throw in some seriously impressive shooting machines to make all of that grinding and collecting worth it in Destiny: The Taken King. Some take the place of legendaries that were unceremoniously relieved of their glory during the 2.0 patch, others bring some new destruction into the fold, but all of them are definite must haves for any guardian worth its weight in ammunition.

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