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Destiny: The Taken King’s Best New Exotic Armor


Destiny: The Taken King’s Best New Exotic Armor


The Titan is a tank of a guardian and deserves armor befitting that nature. Destiny: The Taken King delivers two truly worth pieces of gear that help to transform this hulking brute into one of the most dangerous beings on the battlefield. All it takes is a bit of heavy weapon incentive, and some super charging abilities.

The Taikonaut (Helmet) – With the nerf of the Gjallarhorn and the fact that not every great weapon will receive a Year Two upgrade, The Taikonaut helmet for the Titan in Destiny: The Taken King steps up as being one of the most useful exotic pieces of armor out there. The ability to add a sort of ‘Third-Eye’ effect to all Rocket Launchers (radar stays active) and the added benefit of tracking to all Rocket Launchers, as well, makes this helmet a shoe in for one of the best exotics in not only The Taken King, but Destiny as a whole.

Thagomizers (Gauntlets) – While this exotic set of gauntlets doesn’t do the new Sunbreaker subclass any favors, they are perfect for those who can’t get enough of Destiny’s Striker subclass. Using melee abilities accelerates the charge of the Fist of Havoc super. Using the Fist of Havoc helps to accelerate the charge of your melee abilities.

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