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Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get the Key of Scent Chest


Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get the Key of Scent Chest

They can smell you, but that’s exactly what you want.

Destiny: The Taken King has a lot of things going for it. New subclasses, new strikes, a story worth paying attention to, and chests that sniff you… wait, what?

It turns out that there is a chest located on the Dreadnaught that informs players that ‘Scent is Key’ and takes a bit of work to open, as well as some quick wits and mastery of Destiny‘s platforming. You’ll want to head to the Mausoleum which can be found by heading to the Dreadnaught on Patrol then taking the path that goes to the right of the crash Cabal ship. Once there, hug the left wall to find a room with a small cutout in the wall that will place you next to the chest of Maggots.

Sit in this room for 30 seconds to trigger the Scent of Worms effect. Once this is done, you will have one minute to make your way to the ‘scent chest’ in order to obtain some sweet loot (including a Calcified Fragment). The path is tricky so we’ve prepared a video of just how to get to the chest on time. Adjust your stats to give you the most agility possible, although you should be fine as long as you make no mistakes.

Safe travels, Guardians!

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