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Destiny: The Taken King Gear is Already Dropping Post 2.0 Patch


Destiny: The Taken King Gear is Already Dropping Post 2.0 Patch

Grab this gear and prepare for Oryx.

In anticipation of the September 15 release of Destiny: The Taken King next week, guardians have been playing Destiny’s new crucible modes and new maps. While they are part of Destiny: The Taken King, the Destiny 2.0 Patch allows even players who have not yet purchased the Destiny: The Taken King expansion to try them out for this week.

If you can recall all the way back to the week before the House of Wolves release, you may remember seeing an article from us about how House of Wolves gear was dropping early in the crucible. Well, it seems that Destiny: The Taken King is keeping up with this tradition. I can personally confirm this news as I just recently received an amethyst shell , ghost shell drop from playing in the crucible.

Destiny The Taken King 2.0 Patch TTK Crucible Drop

It was rather exciting. The new ghost shell provides the perk of detecting and marking nearby spinmetal formations in addition to making the ghost purple, providing a strength value of 13 points, and giving my guardian 142 defense points which contributes to the new light level.

For now, it’s hard to say exactly what other Destiny: The Taken King items will be dropping from the crucible this week. In the Pre-House of Wolves drops, we saw some legendary item drops. So if you keep playing crucible, there’s a chance you might hope to see some of those. My new ghost shell dropped while I was playing Rift and I’m not sure if it helped to be playing a new game mode, but it clearly didn’t hurt.

Let us know what Destiny: The Taken King drops you receive and be sure to link to some pictures in the comments.

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