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Destiny Lawsuit Confirms Story-Change Reddit Speculation


Destiny Lawsuit Confirms Story-Change Reddit Speculation

Perhaps where there’s smoke there’s fire.

If you’re a dedicated Destiny fan, you may have heard rumors, speculation, and even conspiracies about the reason for the complaints that Destiny receives about having a shallow or unfinished story. There are multiple theories but they center around the idea that Destiny developers initiated a major re-structuring to an already established story, shortly before the game was expected to be released.

Some go as far as to say that the change was implemented to break Destiny up into more DLC to maximize profits, but until now, it has all just been speculation. A decent amount of this speculation came from Reddit posts, including one in particular from a person who claimed to have tested the game with its “original” story, but it has since been deleted.

While we still don’t have all the details, yesterday IGN noticed in documents pertaining to a recent Destiny lawsuit between Destiny composer Marty O’Donnel and Bungie it was revealed that there were indeed what was quoted as “substantially revised” changes to the game’s story, affecting its release delay.

Now this isn’t any reason to jump to conclusions about what the the motives are for the changes. The only part of the speculation that this confirms is that there was an original Destiny story that was “substantially revised” and that IGN noticed that “this decision appears to have been made in August 2013 – a month before Staten, who’d been with the developer for over 15 years, decided to leave the company.”

But it’s interesting to see that we now have more concrete evidence of what fans have been talking about for months. However, with the major overhauls coming to Destiny in the 2.0 Patch and Destiny: The Taken King, maybe players will put the past behind them and look forward to the game’s future with the commencement of Destiny year 2. Only time will tell. But with one week left between now and Destiny: The Taken King, it’s time to prepare for Oryx.


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