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Destiny: How to Play Rift Multiplayer Mode


Destiny: How to Play Rift Multiplayer Mode

Ignite the rift.

Along with Destiny’s 2.0 Patch is a couple of new multiplayers modes. One of which is the new Rift multiplayer mode that became available on Tuesday along with the 2.0 Patch and the other is the new Mayhem mode we have yet to see. For a while now since the E3 previews, Bungie has been hyping both of these two new Destiny multiplayer modes. But with the week-long preview of the new Destiny crucible content, players finally have a chance to enjoy the experience for themselves.

However while the new Destiny Rift multiplayer mode is available for play, it could take some getting used to before players are putting up their usual scores on the leaderboards. If you want a bit of an advantage, you might want to go in knowing how to play and what’s going on in this new Rift game mode.

For starters, this game mode is similar to a capture the flag style of play. Basically, the two teams start off at opposite ends of a central location in the middle of the map. At this central location is where players will find “the flag” or more appropriately called the “the spark” which is the object players must pick up and then carry back to the enemy base.

In order for a player to pick up the spark, it must charge for at least 15 seconds. As soon as a player picks up the spark, that player will begin to gather points for his or her team, gaining 300 points for picking it up and gaining 100 points for each quarter of the journey that is completed on the way back to the other team’s base.

While holding the spark, you can still shoot and play normally. When you reach the other team’s base, carrying the spark into the rift will “ignite the rift” which immediately causes a large explosion killing any enemy players within the vicinity and granting the player who ignited the rift an additional 1500 points for the team.

If you have enough time to turn yourself around and back your guardian up into the rift, you will receive an additional point bonus in addition to activating a backflip as you ignite the rift in style. The only caveat is that if you hold on to the spark for more than 75 seconds, it will explode and kill you, so make your way to your destination with haste.

If the enemy has the spark and you’re defending, kill the enemy with the spark. This grants your team 200 points. Just remember that once the spark is dropped, you cannot pick it back up. You must wait until it charges again. If you have the spark, make sure your team protects you on the way to your base. That’s basically it for Destiny’s new Rift mode. So start practicing and getting yourself used to the new Rift Destiny multiplayer mode and become a champion in no time.

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