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Destiny Fans Search for Missing TTK Exotic Sleeper Simulant


Destiny Fans Search for Missing TTK Exotic Sleeper Simulant

The search for the missing exotic has begun.

Destiny: The Taken King has been full of surprises and secrets. Last week it was the unexpected release of an exotic Sniper Rifle, Black Spindle which was exclusive to a heroic version of a story mission. We also saw Destiny’s most hardcore players figure out and complete its newest raid, King’s Fall and take down the Taken King Oryx. However, at least one mystery still remains: the whereabouts of the advertised Sleeper Simulant, an exotic heavy fusion rifle.

We’ve known about Sleeper Simulant for some time now. It was advertised by Xur in late August and was once theorized to be related to King’s Fall somehow. It still might. Whatever the case is, it’s still missing. It could be something like Black Spindle where it pops up in a random story mission some point later on, but the prevaling theory is that it is connected to Rasputin and the Gunsmith.

A new Reddit subforum, /r/SearchfortheSleeper, has emerged and is dedicated to piecing together all of the theories, clues and evidence for the Sleeper Simulant’s whereabouts. Here’s a taste from the subforum’s megathread created by Reddit user Vreeko that sums up some of the most accepted theories as to how to kick off a potential Sleeper Simulant quest. Be sure to give it a visit though for the full breakdown:

Now that brings me to my final theory of HOW we are going to kick this whole quest line off. I believe one (or more) of these will be required to start the quest. Some may come into the quest-line later on, some may not be related at all.

  1. Collect all 4 legendary fusion rifle relics. (Almost guaranteed)
  2. Reach at least rank 5 gunsmith. (Highly likely)
  3. Find a hidden trigger in a mission or strike. (Possible)
  4. Do something with Pocket Infinity. (Unlikely, but this would be really cool considering the lore)
  5. Collect all 50 calcified fragments. (After further research this is likely just a rumor)

Why do I think it is rank 5 gunsmith? Because we KNOW it is tied to the gunsmith giving us quests (from the GameInformer article mentioned at the beginning). We know we have to turn in those fusion rifles, and those fusion rifles do what? They give us gunsmith rep. The only missing piece is getting that Exo to either remember something (possibly finding something hidden), or getting him to trust us enough to tell us the story (raising our reputation). Why rank 5? Because any more than that and the wait would simply kill me.

Most of us have already completed step 1. NO ONE (as far as I know) has completed steps 2 or 3. It is my firm belief that one of the above steps will be required to begin the quest-line, and the others may come into play later. However, that is only the beginning. These items are all we have to go on. There could be dozens of quests to complete before we finally get this thing. There could still be hidden secrets in nightfalls and heroics that we’ll have to wait for before we can reach the next trigger. It really reminds me of the ‘IWHBYD’ Skull in Halo 3. This is truly exciting and a great time to be a Destiny player.

An exciting time to be a Destiny player indeed. Got any theories? Feel free to post them here in the comments or give /r/SearchfortheSleeper a visit.

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