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Create Your Very Own Destiny: The Taken King Trailer “The Legend of You” via Official Website


Create Your Very Own Destiny: The Taken King Trailer “The Legend of You” via Official Website

The Legend of You.

Destiny: The Taken King is only hours away from release. However, it’s not too late to make your own trailer for the game. If you go to the Destiny the game website and enter either your Xbox Gamertag or Playstation Network ID, depending on which system you’ll be playing The Taken King on, and the website will automatically generate a trailer for the game. It may take a few moments to load so be patient. But before long, you’ll have a trailer for The Taken King which Bungie is calling, “The Legend of You.”

If you have multiple characters, you can make a trailer for each of them. While the trailer will not include any actual footage of your guardian, it will include some of the most impressive stats about your player and showcase them along with some cool cutscenes of other guardians from both PvE and PvP. You’ll also see some intimidating scenes of Oryx while the gaming username that you entered will flash repeatedly across the screen, making you feel like a boss.

Once you’ve created your video, there’s a good chance you’ll want to share it with some friends on social media. Bungie has got you covered. Underneath the video are links that will allow you to share your freshly created personalized Taken King trailer on Facebook or Twitter as well as generating a link to the video that you can share anywhere. If you want to check out a sample, take a look at one of my guardian’s videos below.

If you’ve noticed that I have only 1 Atheon kill and am wondering if I am new to the game, the answer is, “yes and no.” I started playing Destiny on Xbox One shortly after its release but just recently purchased the game on Playstation 4 as well so I could slay Oryx along with some friends who pre-ordered Destiny: The Taken King on that console. The above video is from my PS4 character, so yeah, I’ve got some newb stats in there. But there’s no shame in this guardian’s game. The Taken King is coming and I will be ready. To make your own personalized trailer, just head over to The Legend of You.

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