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Destiny 2.0 is Bringing Massive Changes Tomorrow, Here’s What You Need to Know


Destiny 2.0 is Bringing Massive Changes Tomorrow, Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you ready?

First Off, You Have More Time to Complete Your Year One Emblem

Bungie graciously extended the time to complete Destiny’s Year One Moments of Triumph. Essentially, anyone who is interested in getting an exclusive emblem to show off presumably for years to come has about a week to complete all of the major year one content in Destiny and its two mini expansions. What is most likely to trip people up is defeating Skolas, and for people who aren’t into PvP, getting the necessary Crucible wins.

There Aren’t Going to Be Any Daily or Weekly Missions

Just for this week, starting Tuesday, there won’t be daily missions or weekly strikes for you to take part in. Destiny has done this before before the release of their other mini-expansions, so it’s not a total shocker. But if you were counting on the Nightfall or Weekly Heroics for anything, well, um, count on them not being there instead.

You Can Start Earning Gunsmith Reputation

Destiny: The Taken King will introduce new vendors, kiosks, and currencies. You can get a taste of this starting tomorrow when the Gunsmith starts his new “Armsday” service. You’ll be able to start earning his reputation by prototyping experimental weapons for him and ordering legendary weapons to be delivered after each weekly reset.

The Weapon Nerfs/Buffs Will be in Effect

The dreaded/welcomed Destiny 2.0 weapon buffs, nerfs, improvements, changes, whatever you view them as will finally drop tomorrow. Will Auto Rifles be back in the high life again? Is the reign of the big 3 exotic Hand Cannons over Crucible finally over? Will Necrochasm actually be useful for something? All these questions and more will be answered tomorrow.

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