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Destiny 2.0 Brings Some Mysterious New Patrols Along for the Ride


Destiny 2.0 Brings Some Mysterious New Patrols Along for the Ride


In addition to a new leveling system, new gear, and a prettier map director, Destiny 2.0 has also come with some new patrol missions. The regular “kill x, scope out area, kill and collect” missions are still there, but there are also missions that just show up at random while you’re doing those patrols.

While on Venus patrols, Ishmael and I got a notification from our Ghosts about a mysterious transmission it was picking up. You get a mission objective, but the text is basically nothing but quotation marks. You may have to experiment a bit to figure out how to unlock the objective. Don’t go crazy and use your ammo or Super like a madman (well you can if you want to), but do try melees or grenades and keep a mental note of what seems to be working.

The first mystery is thankfully straightforward, all you have to do is get some critical kills. Nothing new in Destiny, right? More of the objective is slowly revealed as you keep killing enemies. For part two, all you have to do is just kill enemies any way you want. Punch to the face, shot to the face, blowing them to pieces with your rocket launcher, go nuts. The final enigma is where things get a bit tricky.

The final objective was a bit trickier. Shooting enemies may not work for this one, and neither will grenades or your Super. No, for this, you may have to call on long dormant skills.

We still weren’t entirely sure what our random mission wanted us to do, even with the question marks gone, but Ish had a hunch and decided to go with it. Destiny may ask you…to dance.

And the mission was complete.

So remember, folks: if there’s a mysterious objective in Destiny, it may want you to get your groove on. The missions are completely random, so you may not even have to dance to complete it. It could ask you to wave or even just sit down and contemplate what you’re fighting for. Who knows, man.

Have you found any random missions like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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