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Could Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant Exotic be Taken King’s Raid Exclusive Weapon?


Could Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant Exotic be Taken King’s Raid Exclusive Weapon?

Could it be?

Recently, Bungie posted all of the new Destiny: The Taken King exotics on their website so that players and fans could check them out and get excited to expand their arsenals. It makes sense. But there’s one odd detail. We don’t see the Sleeper Simulant.

Now, we know that the Sleeper Simulant is going to be an exotic, because our trusted friend Xur, agent of the nine revealed to us that it’s on its way just a couple of weeks ago. We also know that it is going to be a heavy fusion rifle exotic weapon, which we have not seen in Destiny prior to now.

When Destiny was first released, the Vex Mythoclast was a unique exotic weapon that defied weapon class boundaries, and it could only be unlocked through the raid. In the Crota’s End raid, the Necrochasm was another unique exotic weapon exclusive to a raid.

While nothing is confirmed, given that the Vex Mythoclast and Necrochasm were both unique exotic raid weapons from the past, it’s possible that there will also be a unique exotic weapon for the Destiny: The Taken King raid. Considering the Sleeper Simulant is missing from the official exotics list, it’s quite possible this is the exclusive raid weapon this time around, and that Bungie is waiting until Friday, when the raid is released, to add the Sleeper Simulant to their list.

What we know for sure about the Sleeper Simulant is what we know from the Game Informer article about the weapon inspired by their interview with Bungie. While this tells us that the Sleeper Simulant will eventually be acquired from the Gunsmith after gathering and questing for its pieces, that doesn’t mean it’s not a raid weapon. With the Necrochasm, players were forced to collect items inside and outside of the raid to unlock it. It may be the same with the Sleeper Simulant.

Then again, we did also hear about the Sleeper SImulant from Xur. Maybe he’s holding onto it for himself until Friday. It’s hard for us to tell with Xur sometimes. His will is not his own. However, Xur has never sold an exclusive exotic that can only be obtained through him, and while there are many new changes in Destiny: The Taken King, there’s more evidence pointing to the Sleeper Simulant being a raid exclusive exotic.

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