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Bowser Jr. amiibo Will Be Exclusive to One Retailer


Bowser Jr. amiibo Will Be Exclusive to One Retailer

You can hear the queues forming already…

Lately it seems that not a day can go by without another amiibo announcement, and today was no different. Turns out that the Bowser Jr. amiibo, releasing September 11, will be exclusive to one retailer.

Yes that’s right, the insane hunting for amiibo that collectors of the little figures will have such fond memories of (not), is about to continue with Bowser Jr. being revealed today to only be stocked at Toys R Us. The huge retailer announced today via their Twitter account that the amiibo figurine would be available exclusively at their national chain of stores from the September 11 release.

That makes three of the four figures in this wave retailer exclusive, and even more unfortunately all exclusive at three different retailers. And there we were thinking that amiibo were just about to start becoming a little easier to get hold of, after Nintendo promised to rectify the amiibo shortage all those months ago.

This news also comes off the back of a rather hectic few weeks regarding amiibo news. First we found out that the adorable Yarn Yoshi amiibo would be bulking up for a November release, sending fans of the green dinosaur into hysteria. Not long after that, the news broke that everyone’s favourite indie hero Shovel Knight would be immortalised in amiibo form too. It’s going to be an expensive month for amiibo collectors.

Are you still collecting these Nintendo collectibles? Does this kind of exclusivity deal bother you, or does it really not make that much of a difference? Let us know in the comments below.

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