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Big Monsters Come out to Play in This Month’s Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC


Big Monsters Come out to Play in This Month’s Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC

Size definitely matters this time round.

Earlier today Capcom released the latest batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which includes a new set of armour and weapons, as well as some new quests centred around the games biggest monsters.

Players will be able to create the new fan club dual blades and Palico Pep Squad gear with the quest ‘Fan Club: Desert Training’, which will see players hunting a Cepadrome. This month’s DLC also includes GX Amatsu Armour but beware, because in order to unlock this set you’ll have to hunt a Gogmazios in the quest ‘Bombs over Gogmazios.’


Along with the Gogmazios, players will also hunt an Akantor in the quest ‘To Victory And Beyond,’ as well as a Shah Dalamadur in the quest ‘The Crimson Shah.’ Hunters looking to cool off can hunt an Oroshi Kirin in the quest ‘Sacred Wind’ or heat things up with the Brachydios in the quest ‘An Unstoppable Rage.’

While not mentioned in the video itself, the comments section on Capcom Unity also revealed that hunters will get to test their skills against a G-ranked Fatalis and a Crimson Fatalis in the quests ‘Take the Black’ and ‘A Feast for the Departed.’

In addition to the above, the September batch of free DLC includes 3 more Arena challenges which will see players taking on an Apex small Gravious, a tiger-striped Zamtrios, and a Savage Deviljho.

Here is the full list of what hunters will be getting from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s September free DLC from Capcom Unity:

  • 12 New quests (including 3 New Arena challenges)
  • 1 New weapon
  • 1 New armor set (GX Tempest / GX Welkin)
  • 1 New Palico equipment set (Pep Squad)
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Green Pal
  • 1 Guild Card background
  • 6 Guild Card titles

Back in July, Capcom announced that they will be releasing a custom New Nintendo 3DS for the upcoming Monster Hunter X in Japan on Nov 28.

So what do you think of the latest batch of free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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