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Bethesda Wants to Hear Your Favorite Fallout Wasteland Stories


Bethesda Wants to Hear Your Favorite Fallout Wasteland Stories

Tales from the Wasteland.

Bethesda wants Fallout fans to get on Twitter and share their best Wasteland stories, be they dark, hilarious, or borderline disgusting.

“Over the next few weeks we want to hear your best stories from the Fallout Wasteland,” the company shared on Twitter earlier today. Since then, #mywasteland has seen memories big and small from all over the series.

The trip down memory lane is bringing back the old post-apocalyptic spirit just in time for Fallout 4, which releases Nov 10 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Bethesda recently finished recording for Fallout 4, ending with a whopping 111,000 lines that trumps Fallout 3 and Skyrim‘s scripts combined.

While Bethesda doesn’t plan to share many story details before the game’s release, they have confirmed it will feature tons of content, improved combat, and much bigger battles.

For those who aren’t ready to venture out into the Wasteland quite yet, there’s always the Fallout Monopoly game heading to stores this November.

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