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Batman: Arkham Knight Update Will Add New Difficulty


Batman: Arkham Knight Update Will Add New Difficulty

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An update for Batman: Arkham Knight is due to be released next month which will add a new difficulty mode to the game’s combat challenges and Batmobile challenge maps.

The increased difficulty mode for the combat maps will mean that enemies will attack at a faster speed and will display no counter icons above their heads to give you a warning. However, playing on this harder difficulty will reward players with extra XP with which they can upgrade Batman. This hard mode can only be accessed after unlocking New Game + mode.

Batman: Arkham Knight will also be getting other DLC in October including a story mode starring Catwoman and new challenge packs. The new challenge map is called Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 and will feature new combat maps for Batman, Catwoman, and Nightwing, as well as new Predetor maps for Batman and Robin called called Uncontainable and Sky High. The pack will also include a new Batmobile challenge map calles Armored Assault.

Warner Bros recently released new patches and updates for the PC version of the game which has made it more stable. The company has stated that the PC version will be back on sale soon.

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