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An Unreleased Uncharted 2 Movie Had Drake Being Hilariously Seduced by Lazarević Instead of Chloe


An Unreleased Uncharted 2 Movie Had Drake Being Hilariously Seduced by Lazarević Instead of Chloe

This exists somewhere.

Somewhere out there exists an Uncharted 2 video of Nathan Drake being seduced by Lazarević, and according to the Naughty Dog team, it was amazing.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is releasing on PS4 in but a few weeks (October 7th, for those counting the days). To prepare for the date, Naughty Dog Writer Josh Scherr and Lead Animator Eric Baldwin hosted a stream today to answer some questions and play through a couple of updated Uncharted levels while reminiscing on the game’s history and creation. Eventually, the team got to talking about Uncharted 2‘s unlockable movies, and a certain video prank that never released to the public.

Uncharted 2 featured a selection of bonuses that could be purchased with currency earned through acquiring in-game medals. Among these were a series of Behind the Scenes movies that took an inside look at the game’s art, cinematics, technology and more. Due to space issues, a few movies had to be removed from the final build. One of these, according to Scherr, was a hilarious test of the new character swapping technology.

All characters shared a common skeleton in Uncharted 2, granting the ability to change any model for another in the 3D software. One day, the team in their infinite Naughty Dog wisdom decided to swap a scene where Chloe seduces Drake in his hotel room. Who better to drop into the steamy scene than Zoran Lazarević, the game’s hulking antagonist.

The affair quickly became a joke on Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake’s. Lazarević’s voice actor, Graham McTavish, rerecorded all of Chloe’s dialogue for the scene, and the team adjusted the character’s size to the proper hulk levels. Scherr and Baldwin joked of the hilarity seeing the accented brute tease “you don’t get to be jealous,” before coyly pushing Drake onto the bed.

Lazarevic uncharted 2

The clip was sent off to North, who had no idea what was in store for him. The Naughty Dog stream team happily replicated his “oh dear god” face for the cameras, joking that the movie still exists and that perhaps it will be included somewhere, someday.

Later on in the stream, Scherr and Baldwin discussed the Uncharted Collection’s growing cast of doughnut characters, as well as the new brutal difficulty mode and what it was like wrapping up the series in one final chapter.

You can watch the full, archived stream over at Naughty Dog’s Twitch channel.

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