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Admire Toon Link and Tetra in New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailers


Admire Toon Link and Tetra in New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailers

Heh! Hut! HIYAAAAA!!

Last year’s Hyrule Warriors was an unexpected hit for the Wii U, and earlier this year at E3 Nintendo revealed that a 3DS version of the game – titled Hyrule Warriors Legends – would be releasing next year.

Now we’re in the thick of the Tokyo Game Show and two fresh videos for Hyrule Warriors Legends have hit the public, both of which can be viewed below. The first is a new trailer that highlights some of Toon Link and Tetra’s move sets, which also reveals the Japanese release date of Jan. 21, 2016.

The second video is nearly nine minutes of gameplay footage and shows several new stages from Wind Waker including Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island, and Forsaken Fortress. We don’t see any play time with the King of Hyrule, but you’ll really get a feel for Toon Link and Tetra during the video.

As was previously revealed, data from Hyrule Warriors Legends can be linked up with your Hyrule Warriors save file on the Wii U to bring over the Wind Waker characters onto the console version. Legends will also feature new Story Mode chapters to tie Wind Waker into the Hyrule Warriors campaign. The game’s producer, Yosuke Hayashi, has also confirmed that there will be more playable characters announced leading up to the launch.

A western release of Hyrule Warriors Legends is expected for a Q1 2016 launch.

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