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7 Reasons Why You Need Until Dawn in Your Life


7 Reasons Why You Need Until Dawn in Your Life

Like Cabin in the Woods and Heavy Rain had a baby.

Best of its Kind

Let us remember games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and LA Noire. Now, let us scoff and raise our noses up, for Until Dawn trumps them all. In cinematic QTE focused experiences, Until Dawn definitely takes the cake. It is, definitively, the best of its kind so far. Long after a genre seems to be dead or only left up to the work of Telltale Games, it swooped in out of nowhere and made a name for itself.

You may have overlooked it because of Metal Gear Sold V: The Phantom Pain, or precisely because you’re so sick of the “interactive drama” genre. However, you really need to give it a chance to see just how well-made these kinds of games tend to be, and what they could possibly mean for the melding of the video game and movie industries.

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