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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Destiny: The Taken King


5 Reasons to Get Excited About Destiny: The Taken King

It’s almost here.

A New Area with New Enemies – The Dreadnaught and The Taken

We can’t talk about Destiny: The Taken King without mentioning the all new area where a large portion of the new content will take place: the Dreadnaught. For a while now, players have been talking about how the areas we already have access to have been starting to feel stale.

While it was cool to get access to the Vestian Outpost in the Reef and the Prison of Elders in the House of Wolves DLC, we didn’t get another planet or patrol area on our map director. That means that, despite new levels and missions, they all had a feeling of familiarity. The Dreadnaught will bear recognizable Hive markings, but in terms of content and mapping, it’s all new.

Although the Taken are not an entirely new enemy, as they are composed of the races and species we have already seen within the game, they should function with new battle mechanics and attacks that will be a welcome change-up to the fighting that we are used to now. Plus, Deej said several times during a Destiny Twitch live stream that patrol on the Dreadnaught will no longer be easy mode. In Destiny: The Taken King, we can look forward to a more challenging and thus more rewarding experience when fighting the taken in the new space of the Dreadnaught.

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