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5 Reasons Dragon Age: Inquisition Fans Should Play Trespasser


5 Reasons Dragon Age: Inquisition Fans Should Play Trespasser

The Inquisition has one final adventure to embark on!

A Chance to Catch Up With Friends

Dragon Age Trespasser Party

Trespasser takes place two years after the events of the main game, the world has returned to relative peace and people are beginning to question whether the existence of the Inquisition is really necessary any more. Because of this, your Inquisitor and party find themselves meeting with the powers that rule Thedas at the Winter Palace of Orlais.

During the two years, many of your party members have gone their separate ways pursuing their own issues or responsibilities. Trespasser sees everyone coming back together, and big changes have happened for some. The DLC certainly extends the story a bit, and one of the biggest draws is seeing how you as the Inquisitor have influenced some of your party members. A few have come into important positions of power, while others are on personal quests of redemption or learning.

The entire first hour is basically spent catching up on events with everyone, and there’s even small points sprinkled throughout the story missions that allow different party members to comment on the current situation and reminisce on the past. Trespasser is one last chance to learn even more about these already fascinating characters.

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