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5 Kickstarter Game Fails That Made Us All Paranoid


5 Kickstarter Game Fails That Made Us All Paranoid

New stretch goal achieved!


What is it? An open world action game featuring characters made by Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast and developed by Winterkewl Games.

How much did it make? The initial Kickstarter goal was $250,000, but the total funding ending up being $567,665.

What’s going on? Yogsventures never saw the light of day, supposedly because “the project was too vast in scope to be realized, despite a huge amount of hard work from Winterkewl.” The compensation for the unreleased product was a Steam Key to Nerd Alpha’s game Tug and in-game rewards based on Yogsventures, which didn’t settle well with people and, looking at the comments on the Kickstarter page, is still something that hasn’t been fully resolved. Meanwhile, Winterkewl Games ended up closing its doors. Yikes.

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