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20 Times Until Dawn’s Uncanny Valley Made Us Super Uncomfortable


20 Times Until Dawn’s Uncanny Valley Made Us Super Uncomfortable

We have yet to conquer video game teeth.

Minor Spoilers Ahead!

The Uncanny Valley is Alive and Well in Until Dawn.

And Jess is the Undisputed Queen Because, Seriously, What is Wrong With Her Teeth?


No Matter How Hard She Tries to Show Normal Human Emotion.

Smiles Just End Up Looking Like this.


We Could Actually Do a Whole Post of Jess Trying to Smile.


And It’s Not Like She Looks Any Better Scared.


But What About Her Dashing Boyfriend, Mike?


Uhh… Never Mind, Let’s Move On.


There’s Another Power Couple in Until Dawn and Surely They… Look… Better?


Chris is Not on a Roller Coaster, He Should Not Look Like This.


Ashley and Chris are Perfect For Each Other.


Not to be Out Done By Her Rival, Jess, Emily Also Seems to Be Capable of Only One Facial Expression.


A Perpetual State of Confusion and Fear.


Well, At Least Her Boyfriend Supports Her… Erm… Facial Expressions.

 Another Happy Couple.

Why Can’t Anyone Look Like They’re Having a Good Time Like Josh Wanted?


Well, at Least Dr.Hill Looks Happy.


Okay, Maybe Not.


There’s Still Hope, Though, There’s No Way Hayden Panettiere Could Look Creepy? RIGHT?!


Ugh, We’re Done Here.


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