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YouTube Superstars Are Awaited in Valhalla With Mad Max Video Game Fan Film


YouTube Superstars Are Awaited in Valhalla With Mad Max Video Game Fan Film

My name is Max. My world is fire and paintballs.

Oh what a day! What a LOVELY day!!! It is an understatement that the legendary Mad Max franchise has lived, died, and lived again this August – what with the digital release of Fury Road, the Madventure Time mash up video, the release of deleted scenes from the movie, and the release of the Fury Road Blu Ray / DVD and the highly anticipated Mad Max video game by Avalanche Studios both on September 1, 2015.

Some fans post and share news and statuses on Facebook and Twitter. Others, like yours truly, rant, rave and write their heart and soul out over pure excitement. And then there are those special few who take fandom to a whole new level by bringing the visuals of the video game and franchise to life just as our leader and savior Immortan George Miller has gloriously done a mere three months ago. Superstar YouTubers have scrambled out of their Citadels and Gas Towns to show unrequited excitement and appreciation for the upcoming video game in which all of us can become the legendary Road Warrior.

Last week, the acclaimed digital wizards, Sam and Niko, from Corridor Digital created a hilarious Mad Max parody video that spoofed the in-game economy and resource management gameplay mechanics that players will have to contend with in the game. In addition, they had also posted a behind the scenes video and a before & after comparison video.

While their video was by no means MEDIOCRE, the Corridor Digital team has just been outdone and outgunned by none other than the YouTube prodigy, devinsupertramp. Perhaps most well known to gamers for his incredible Assassin’s Creed live action parkour videos, devinsupertramp undoubtedly have just made George Miller and Avalanche Studios proud with an astounding paintball battle & go kart chase in complete homage to the iconography and art direction of the game & franchise with the blessing of Warner Bros. studios. Everything you see in this video from high speed chases, firefights, gratuitous amounts of destruction, gut-wrenching and visceral melee combat, and pure insanity are all things to be expected in the upcoming video game.

In some respects, devinsupertramp outclassed these masters themselves as he clearly utilized drone cinematography to capture some truly breathtaking vistas and shots. He has also provided a behind the scenes companion video!

All that is missing is the Doof Warrior, a big rig stacked with amps & drummers, and a flamethrowing guitar! But, we forgive you devinsupertramp. You did Mad Max, George Miller, and Avalanche Studios proud – the gates of Valhalla have opened for you!!!

Mad Max, the video game, is set to be released on September 1, 2015 for PS4, Xbox 1, and PC. Did you enjoy this video? Does it leave you wanting and thirsting for more? Feel free to comment and share below!

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