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You Can Run in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Here’s Why the Option Is so Hidden


You Can Run in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Here’s Why the Option Is so Hidden

Yep, you can run.

Sprint-gate is upon us. With hordes of players descending upon the newly released Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, it wasn’t long before many were lamenting the game’s slow movement speed. Turns out, the title does have a sprint option, but unfortunately, the control instructions were left missing from the options menu after a last-minute design change.

In a blog post by creative director , the sprint confusion was finally explained, and the company gave their wholehearted apologies for the mix-up, hoping players have still enjoyed the experience so far.

So Rapture is out finally, after three long years, and the critical reception has been amazing. One thing that is coming back however is the walk speed and lack of sprint function, and actually we’ve got a confession to make.

You can sprint in Rapture. Hold down R2 and it builds to sprint speed over a couple of seconds.

And that deserves an explanation. So here goes: there was a mess-up. And we’re really sorry about that.

A couple of weeks before the game went to final, Santa Monica did a last round of playtesting. At this point, the game included an autosprint. That meant that if you kept moving, you’d gradually ramp up to a run speed, specifically to deal with issues with how long potential back-tracking could take, given the game’s non-linearity. The problem was, playtesters wanted to be able to trigger it themselves. It didn’t matter about the speed, it was the psychology, the choice.

So together with Santa Monica, we made a late call. We replaced the autosprint with aN R2 trigger hold, keeping the gentle ramp up to main speed.

Pinchbeck later explains how, in the rush of design changes, the missing instructions were discovered too late to be patched before release:

“And then suddenly launch was right on top of us, and something had been missed. The controller icon in the options menu was missing the sprint instruction, and it hadn’t been localised. Localisation takes about 24 hours, but because the UI is build in Flash, it would have to be changed, and that would mean a full round of testing before creating a patch- about 4-5 days through the global QA pipieline, which we’re doing now, but wasn’t ready in time for release. It’s in the online manual, but not at the start of the game.”

Still have questions about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture? Dan Pinchbeck also appeared on a reddit AMA today, discussing the mysterious ending, increasing the run speed, and the studio’s exciting new project.


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